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School Supplies


Many of our enrichment activities are made possible by the generosity of our families. We encourage parent participation in identifying and facilitating these opportunities. We believe we build a strong community by building on the ideas, abilities, and expertise of our those around us. We have sponsorship opportunities at every level:



The introduction of concepts over time creates a lasting benefit for preschoolers. Would you like to sponsor a music program or a sign language class for your child? Would you like to help build a community of Mandarin-speaking preschoolers? We are open to your ideas and want to hear from you! Frequency can be monthly, weekly, etc., depending on the activity and interest levels.


Does your child or grandchild have a birthday or other upcoming celebration? We invite you to celebrate the special occasion by sponsoring a visit in their honour from one of our many enrichment providers!

Do you have expertise in a particular area that would interest children? Are you on a limited budget, but want to contribute? The gift of knowledge or a unique experience lasts a lifetime. We invite you to share your time and knowledge in the classroom! 

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