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Play Today

Lead Tomorrow

@ St. Peter's Nursery School

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Nurturing Curiosity

The preschool years are a time of rapid growth and development of young brains and little bodies. Children learn naturally through play and through physical and sensory experiences.

St. Peter's Nursery School is blessed with an informed, skilled and nurturing staff committed to providing children with social and educational experiences where each child's intellectual curiosity, creative self-expression and social/emotional development may take root and flourish.

Each child in our program is accepted for his/her uniqueness and with the understanding that each individual learns in his/her own way and in his/her own time.

The supportive atmosphere at St. Peter's is evident in the staff’s relationship with one another, their students and parents. We feel that this respectful and nurturing environment, combined with teacher-directed and child-initiated learning activities, is the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth in all areas of development.

We invite you to explore our website, schedule a visit, and experience firsthand what makes St. Peter’s exceptional.



Charlene M.Krig



“We couldn't be happier...SO grateful we found St. Peter's!” 

“We chose St. Peter's Nursery School because of how welcome we felt as soon as we walked in the door. The wonderful staff have gone out of their way to make the transition seamless for our anxious three year old. He now loves going to school everyday to see all of his friends & learn new things. I am confident he will be well prepared for kindergarten, though we will be sad to leave the SPNS family when it’s time. ”

“Mommy, there’s my happy place!” 

“We love it here and feel so loved by all of the teachers!”

From the first time talking to Charlene on the phone, to experiencing how all the teachers care and and pay attention, this preschool takes all your worries away about sending your little ones off to school. It's an amazing preschool and a great group of teachers!”​

“...everything we were hoping for in a preschool experience.” 

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Read how this daughter blossomed into a self-confident, independent-thinking little girl at St Peter's.

-- "As a recent alumni parent, I can’t say enough about the excellence of St. Peter’s Nursery School. My daughter started the program when she was just under 2 years old. She is currently in pre-K. From the day we interviewed, we knew St. Peter’s was the right place for us....

What Families Are Saying About St. Peter's Nursery School


The St. Peter's Philosophy

At St. Peter’s Nursery School we believe in teaching to the whole child, recognizing that each child grows at his/her own rate in his/her own time. Children’s brains are programmed to learn through sensory/physical interaction with their environment. This is called play.  Our curriculum provides a balance between directed and non-directed play where children learn to think.  


In our program children learn to problem solve, think creatively, negotiate, compromise, take turns, follow directions, make decisions and accept consequences. Play is crucial for fostering imagination, brain growth and responsibility. We partner with a child’s family to support children to reach their highest potential and build a solid foundation for life. Learn more about our...


St. Peter's Nursery School enjoys being active in the community, partnering  with other local non-profits to raise awareness, offering educational events, and promoting civic responsibility. We also highly encourage parent involvement and participation, from family story-time readers, family sponsorship of enrichment activities, volunteers during potluck dinners or our traditional pancake breakfasts, and much more. And...we are always open to your suggestions!

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